The day will come when the evil-one will be revealed, whether I’m alive or dead is irrelevant; the main thing is that I know he and his criminal organisation are fighting a losing battle.


Since being back in the UK help for people has continued to be prevented, and people interfered with. I do not intend to write about things anymore because I know it’s futile, I am leaving it all to the future.


One point that I would like to make is basically common sense, and that is that those who are taught don’t need teaching, if you try to teach basic maths to a maths teacher you are wasting yours and there time, it’s the unlearned that need a teacher.


It has been proven that demons and angels are real, there is a spiritual force both good and bad, life does not end with death, and this means that there is something to be saved from. I am not a scaremonger, it’s just a fact. The evidence has been hidden from you, and that is criminal, because if you don’t know your enemy then how can you defend yourself or your loved ones? Ignorance makes you vulnerable.


The evil-one is also the accuser, he will accuse you of your past, and tell you that you are no-good, and not worthy and there is no hope for you. Tell him to go to hell. Everyone has a past but it doesn’t have to be your future.


My hands are tied by the system, but if you know that a person will die and yet you withhold the help that may save that person’s life are you guilty of there death?


I use to do a collage on all sorts of themes, and I did my collage on 9/11 sometime after the incident, those who were guilty of such a crime had to be brought to justice but I could never understand why possible help was prevented, I know one reason was money, but had you been in charge would you of looked at all possibilities with the least loss of life?