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The Mystery of the red leaf

Posted by Peter Evans on October 4, 2017 at 7:25 PM

I found a single red leaf in my garden, this is unusual because there are no red leaves in my area, and even one of my neighbours couldn’t explain it.

The other strange coincidence is over the past few days I have been watching the series of the 12 monkeys and in it is a story of the red forest; I was on season 3 episode 3 the evening before I found the single red leaf.

I took a photo of it in case no-one would believe me they think I’m mental anyway and that started me thinking, that also is in the 12 monkeys.

In 2007 a psychiatrist told me that he didn’t think he should allow me to promote my book on the streets of Coventry, it’s delusional, I told him he was spiritually ignorant.

A nurse who was present told me later that they have a criteria with which they perceive as normal and I don’t fit it, so there we have it guy’s I am officially not normal.

I could have told them that, but I’m not mental either.

Time has proven me right because everything has come to pass I am 100% correct.

Time that is another thing in the monkeys past present and future all in one no beginning no end, the witness is there too.

Another strange thing on that day was a pigeon feather, but believe me we have a load of pigeons round here they come out like a herd of elephants and they crap like them too.

So what was strange about my feather? It was standing up between the paving slabs, my garden is fully slabbed and concreted, but I paid no notice until I went to pick it up

I was surprised that I had to apply pressure it was like pulling a weed I know they crap like elephants but never thought there feather could fall out like a bullet and embed itself between garden slabs that’s some shot.

I did think that someone was playing a prank on me, it was just more mind games by the system, but my garden is closed in by a 6ft fence and my back gate is always locked or bolted so it would of took a lot of effort to do it.

Anyway I only report the facts I never claim to understand, my own conclusion of this is that it means that I will finally find justice and find peace.

But you may have a different perception of things and I would be interested in your comments the system don’t want me writing so there may be disruptions like in 2007 and there are witnesses,

God bless you Peter

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