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The Mystery of the red leaf

Posted by Peter Evans on October 4, 2017 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (42)

I found a single red leaf in my garden, this is unusual because there are no red leaves in my area, and even one of my neighbours couldn’t explain it.

The other strange coincidence is over the past few days I have been watching the series of the 12 monkeys and in it is a story of the red forest; I was on season 3 episode 3 the evening before I found the single red leaf.

I took a photo of it in case no-one would believe me they think I’m mental anyway and that started me thinking, that also is in the 12 monkeys.

In 2007 a psychiatrist told me that he didn’t think he should allow me to promote my book on the streets of Coventry, it’s delusional, I told him he was spiritually ignorant.

A nurse who was present told me later that they have a criteria with which they perceive as normal and I don’t fit it, so there we have it guy’s I am officially not normal.

I could have told them that, but I’m not mental either.

Time has proven me right because everything has come to pass I am 100% correct.

Time that is another thing in the monkeys past present and future all in one no beginning no end, the witness is there too.

Another strange thing on that day was a pigeon feather, but believe me we have a load of pigeons round here they come out like a herd of elephants and they crap like them too.

So what was strange about my feather? It was standing up between the paving slabs, my garden is fully slabbed and concreted, but I paid no notice until I went to pick it up

I was surprised that I had to apply pressure it was like pulling a weed I know they crap like elephants but never thought there feather could fall out like a bullet and embed itself between garden slabs that’s some shot.

I did think that someone was playing a prank on me, it was just more mind games by the system, but my garden is closed in by a 6ft fence and my back gate is always locked or bolted so it would of took a lot of effort to do it.

Anyway I only report the facts I never claim to understand, my own conclusion of this is that it means that I will finally find justice and find peace.

But you may have a different perception of things and I would be interested in your comments the system don’t want me writing so there may be disruptions like in 2007 and there are witnesses,

God bless you Peter

Mystery of my Star

Posted by Peter Evans on September 26, 2017 at 4:30 AM Comments comments (0)

More than a year ago I lost the Star of David from my Cross so needless to say I stopped wearing it, I had searched high and low for it without any success then a couple of months while sitting at my computer I happened to glance down and there in plain sight was my Star.

I am not what you would call house proud anymore but I do clean now and then so I can promise you that I have vacuumed and cleaned my house many times in that year there is no way that my star was there, now it is back on my Cross and on my neck, I am use to mystery and the unseen but sadly many people are not.

God bless, Peter :)

Who Knows

Posted by Peter Evans on September 2, 2016 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I have said on my Facebook that my blog Killing Time was my last blog, I also said, “But who knows”?

This blog has come through conversation; I have shared my true experiences in the hope that they will in some way help others.

Public intoxication in the state of Texas is something I have experienced on more than one occasion you don’t have to do anything wrong except to have had a drink.

I was at a house party once and had a disagreement with my wife and so decided to walk home, on my way I stopped at a garage to buy some cigarettes I walked outside and got arrested, this means a night in the drunk tank and a fine in the morning.

Another time I had gone into an off licence to buy a pack of beer for later, I placed it in my van and walked to a bar for a beer, later the police came in and made me do a sobriety test in the bar and then arrested me for public intoxication when the bar had many who also would of failed the test, and so off to the drunk tank again.

I am not a loud person in fact as anyone who knows me would say I was much the opposite, I am not destructive or disorderly, and I certainly don’t cause trouble, so I had in no way done anything to bring attention to myself and was not even that drunk.

The worse one was Addison police where I was arrested and made to stand in front of the desk officer who kept telling me to stand still and I would say that I was, well I thought I was, his tone was very aggressive and he said it you don’t stand still I will throw you in there, (he pointed to a cell with a chair that they tie you to, I tried standing still best I could, and then he said that’s it he came around and put me in the cell, but I was not tied to the chair.

This is when I did play up I introduced Addison police to Irish songs including rebel songs, I was brought up Irish and so its normal for me to know rebel songs, and just to make things clear on those songs they are about the freedom fighters when southern Ireland was suppressed and my granddad who was only a newspaper reporter was murdered by the black and tans, the songs are not about modern times.

Different police officers came and told me to shut the ………….up but I ignored them. They provoke a reaction and then they have you, but what can you do?

I was involved in a motor accident with a motorcycle police officer while living in Phoenix, and I had a great eye witness who was behind the officer in a line of traffic, and told the court that the officer suddenly shot off from a red light without any siren or lights, I was making a left turn and had no way of avoiding him, and yet I still lost the case and I got fined for failing to yield.

No-one can tell me about the authorities or there system, it makes no difference how many witnesses you or I may have if they want you they will get you, maybe I should just say me because I am speaking from my experiences. Sometime later I did write a letter of apology to Addison police because I was out of order regardless of how they treated me; I know that I am better than that. The authorities just don’t like me for some reason and yet I did a lot of good for people.



Posted by Peter Evans on August 11, 2016 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I have said that now I intend to just live until I die, or as someone else put it I’m killing time, which is right, and it is not that I have given up only that I no-longer have any ambitions or goals in my life, some people want to know about me and all they hear are negatives portrayed by the system which is all one-sided because nothing as ever been said to me, and therefore I have never had any right to any defence.

I have always worked hard and long, when I was young I would be down the market setting up a stall at 6am before going to school and return after school to help on the stall and pack it up at closing time, when the fair was in town I worked the fair, and I am not one to boast of myself and my achievements, to help people to me is a normal thing to-do.

When I take on a job I do it to the best of my abilities, and I often succeed, and achieve my goals, and in my life I have many achievements, and plenty to be proud of.

So why am I now just killing time is quite simple, as I have said I no-longer have any goals or motivation, there is nothing else to achieve, this is strange for me but I have adapted to my new life for what it is worth, I have excepted the reality of the continuation of things, it is a shame because things could have been so different.

I love to dance, when I was knee high my mother sent me too Irish dancing, and my dad was a bus driver and so I would go to the transport Christmas party for kids and I was called onto the stage to do the twist, in Arizona I took part in the half time entertainment between the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears, it was the Achy Beaky Heart line dance, and Billy Ray Cyrus performed, and it was followed with by a concert after the game, I love dancing and have danced for as long as I can remember.

I am a wild-one in the eyes of many but I do party but with intentions of having a good time, and sometimes it ends in a date, and sometimes I go home alone, but because I am not out looking for a woman it is no disappointment, I dance and have fun, now you know a little about me in brief.

I will always be the bad one no-matter what, but I don’t care because I know that God is not fooled, only the people are, I am content and at peace and continue just killing time, one day at a time.

Thank you to those who tried to stand in support of me.



Posted by Peter Evans on June 11, 2016 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

When I first went to America in 1991/2 I settled in Arizona my main job was that of a debt collector for a well-known Jewry company, and there was such as judges and attorneys on my list, but I quit to do my own work, I never knew the first thing about air-conditioning, my first encounter was in Phoenix Arizona, and that was with a swamp-cooler, I also totally re-piped a three bedroom house, taking out the galvanised and installing copper, I also turned a closet in an on-suit bathroom.

When I moved to Texas I started working on industrial/commercial ductwork, then I got a job as assistance maintenance at a luxury apartment complex which involved repairing built in microwaves, washer and dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ice makers, cookers, and maintaining swimming pool for which I received my certificate, also maintaining/repairing sprinkler system, boiler room, security gate and lighting, air-conditioners and heating, and this was on top of regular maintenance such as one may expect from every day things such as pipe leaks, dripping faucets, as one would expect, and then there were doing make ready’s. (Redoing vacant apartments) which were things such as floor tile, wall papering, sheetrock repair, painting, and any other repairs needed.

There were two of us, the lead man and me, I was on 24hr call out and was equipped with a pager, this is where I did learnt about air-conditioning and I went for my certification and became a technician type two, this meant I was certified for air conditioning, freezers and ice makers, I eventually made it to lead maintenance.

The management took on another complex around the corner, this one was run down and a rehab programme was undertaken, a complete remodelling was started, this was a property which was taken by gang members and incorporated crack house’s, we could not go in after dark without armed security. This is where I got my first apartment in Texas I requested an apartment which at first the company was reluctant to allow for fear of my safety but they agreed in the end.

I did work both properties and was often if not mostly on 24hr call out for both, I did get robbed by certain gang member but I never went to the police, instead I went to the gang, and in response the leader with some others came to visit me and we had a discussion in my living room, things got sorted and the crack houses were closed down and the rehab was a success, it became a nice safe complex for people to live, the company I worked for knew I had been robbed because my pager had also been taken.

While living at the complex I had also installed the first mist system in Dallas in my own time, I still have the headline of the Dallas newspaper which says “Dallas Spraying Cool” it was installed at the Filling Station restaurant at Upper Greenville, another company tried to take credit in lower Greenville, but then that’s the name of the game. I had installed the Arizona Mist System while living in Arizona and I wondered if it would work in Dallas, this was a gamble because mist systems are not good in humidity and Dallas is more humid, so I had a discussion with the manager who set up a meeting with the owner who agreed to be the test for my idea, I went to home depot in Mesquite and they had never heard of mist systems, this was totally new to Texas, they agreed to order from Arizona for me, and ended up carrying it themselves, my neighbour who was an electrician helped me with the frame work, we used conduit to make the frame, and it worked out a success and Dallas is indeed spraying cool.

I was offered a job as a/c tech for a management company who had taken a 700 apartment complex which was run down and undergoing rehab

I excepted the job and decided to live at the complex, I was now married to a lovely Belgian woman, it was a hard summer, very hot and the a/c’s were going down with major problems, we also had some commercial properties and a club house, but we made it through and at the end I was given an award for an outstanding achievement, the offered the job of maintenance supervisor, this was a good step up but also the time when things went on the decline, guess I wasn’t meant to do well, it’s all downhill now.

I tell you this so you know that when I speak about the things done in the Penn and Immigration regarding showers and air conditioning I know what I am talking about.

Love, Peter XXX


Posted by Peter Evans on June 10, 2016 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I decided to use my blogs to expand or explain in easier terms things written in my book, in my last blog I try to use logic and common sense to explain how satellite can realistically be used in order to continue the things I have described in my book, in this blog I want to examine hindsight by looking back in more detail.

My book is still not as I would like it to be but I hope it will serve the purpose of getting the message across.

I will start with what I first called my arrest, which when I look back was not an arrest because I was put in the back of a police car while the officer went to talk with another officer and the person I had been with, he then returned to the car and drove off to Government Centre where I was taken straight to the 12th floor and put in the cells (tank) with the other prisoners, I had not been told that I was under arrest and I was never cautioned.

No police interview was undertaken because I am sure that I would have been in a room with them, however I was only spoken to through glass via a handset, the only time I was in a room with a person was for the polygraph which never took place, I never told my side of the story to anyone until I wrote it in my book, even the guy who was to do the polygraph didn’t give me chance, as soon as I started to talk he said that’s it you confessed, and left the room, I had hardly said anything, so there cannot possibly be any police interview reports, not even my defence attorneys asked me what had happened, also I was never told the details of the complaint against me only what the charge was, but I also never went through any charge process but then I didn’t know how things worked in the Texas Justice System, maybe that’s how they do things?

I never asked questions because there was so much other stuff happening that I didn’t understand that I never even thought about it, you will understand if you have read my book.

When they closed the 12th floor of Government Centre and moved us all to Lew Sterrett Jail I had realised that I was not getting any defence and so I applied to go to Law Library to check things out and to see about defending myself they had to grant me permission but made it impossible for me.

Officers have prisoners to do things for them and someone is instructing the officers, but why?

Why did they not want me to get any defence? They would cover things up so it looked as if I was, and they have continued to cover up what they have been doing.

When I went to court the public defender offered me 5 years and the aggravated taken off, which I refused, then my nephew got a private attorney for me, and he offered me 9 years with the aggravated taken off, the private attorney got me 4 years more? I still had no idea what the details of the claim against me was, this does not sound right to me.

Now onto my time in prison I was never asked what I was in there for and I never said, however when I think about the comments made by the evil-one, and as I said in my book I call him this for identification purpose, and it fits him well, things were said such as “we can’t let the people see him as good” “I’m not having you helping anyone” and so on, nothing was said that I was any danger to the people, or that I was a menace to society. It was all about getting my knowledge and destroying me, which he with the help of his army of players and use of satellite has done in the flesh, but he has not even scratched the surface of my spirit.

It is so easy to incriminate me because of my abilities or gifts that my good intentions are defamed and made to look bad, I am use to it now, but I always thought that God would do something to block them but he has allowed it to continue and so I must live with it, although I am stronger in spirit my flesh and my life has been destroyed.

I look at Immigration and the obvious delays, taking my passport photo but not filling out the forms, and then sending the forms with no money, and so on, this leads me to think that the nine years and three months of incarceration was illegal.

Also the fact that the plea agreement was reneged on, the fact that I never made parole, and therefore served the full nine years of aggravated time in a maximum security prison shows this.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing; I can see how I was played long before I ever went to prison, and how I was kept a drunk for their purpose. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous in Texas because I am an alcoholic, and I knew that I could not sober up alone which made me easy prey for the evil-one, I could challenge the players because I know who they are and what they did, but there is no point, the destruction has already been done, and the evil-one has taken the knowledge for himself.

There is still a lot of prejudice in Texas, when the officer said to me “you Brits aren’t worth shit over here”, and then the female officer who pointed to my Star of David and said “that means no parole” nothing to do with my case, just pure hatefulness.

A prisoner in Allred Penitentiary told me that he had shot and killed two people and because he was a money man his attorney paid the judge $100,000 to give him a light sentence, he got less than me and was going home on parole with no remorse for what he had done, any wonder why I have no trust in the justice system?

I have wondered how the system has kept what they have done secret form the people and then I think of the prisoner in 7 building who shouted out “what’s he doing in here he should be out helping people” obviously he did not know that I was still in there, so that tells me that people are kept in the dark, so does this mean that my witness’s as I call them do not know that things have continued, the evil-one is then sitting on a time bomb when they find out they have been deceived, and I’m sure they will, then maybe I’m wrong and they agree with the suppression torture and persecution, however it looks to me like my main crime is having gifts and knowledge that America wanted control of, as they do with everything else.

Guess that’s all for now.

Love, Peter XXX


Posted by Peter Evans on May 30, 2016 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

In 2007 I was trying to explain what was being done via satellite, I did realise that to those who didn’t know it was possible I would sound totally off my rocker, and that those who did know would not acknowledge it.

It made logical sense to me that with it being proven that thoughts are spirit, an active force, then they could be sent in the same way sound and vision are sent to your satellite box, or to your car radio, the signal is not visible but you know that it is there because you can see or hear the result, all you need is the receiver, it was the same with me, the results could be seen and proven.

Humankind have not progressed in spiritual things despite the thousands of years since they were first witnessed, in fact the world has gone digressed, and have become more ignorant of spiritual truth.

Just like trying to explain to cavemen about space or even the world is round, it’s impossible and they laugh, you must be mental man.

I have been proven to be advanced, I have the ability to receive just like your TV/radio, feel free to laugh if you want too just remember that I told you so.

When I arrived back in the UK November 2006 I had been out the country for 16 years and yet the people who went to the dance at Canley club continued the game that had been going on in the USA, so how did they know anything about me?

The Americans will never acknowledge me, I know that now, despite all my willingness to prove my claims and gifts were true I was never taken up on my offer, and now I know why.

I mean no disrespect to the American people; I had a great time in Arizona which is where I lived for the first two years before moving to Texas, when I refer to the Americans it the corrupt evil-ones in the system and the rich supporters of their game that I am referring to.

I have continued to go out and about dancing, shooting pool and getting drunk, not a good example for anyone but that’s how the system want me, every time I try to do good it is twisted around so that I am made to be the bad one, or the inciters show up and poison the mind of the very person that I try to help, similar to Apostil Paul when the very people who loved him ended up stoning him simply because a few people incited them against him, I can relate so much to that.

I was dropped in the deep end of something that I knew nothing about, it was sink or swim, learn as I go, I never realised how big things were, or what I had been caught up in, but I have made it through, I have done the best that I can and so I can do no more, I have not been put to shame because it is there shame, I can stand tall and look the world right in the eye.

I have had some good times since being home; I have been in a good 4 year relationship while in Coventry, and I seem to hit it off with the younger generation, I was talking with some students in a pub in Coventry when one of the girls said to me why can’t you be prime minister? I laughed and said because I’m not good enough, I went for a weekend in Swansea and had a brilliant night dancing with the students at their invitation, I am saying this so you don’t think it all doom and gloom but things have never changed in reality, the same things that were being done in my book has continued to this day. I will never be free until I am dead, I did feel so at home in Swansea and it’s where my dad was born, I have always loved Wales.

I have always wanted to go to Ireland but never made it, I would like to see where my mother was born, and I guess I never will.

Some months ago I was saying to everyone that I was retired, and I was asked retired from what? I said from everything, I was intending to shut myself away from everyone with my music and my beer, and just let the world get on with it. I said to one person what’s the point, I don’t want to be here and I don’t know why God brought me back, the game still goes on, nothing has changed, it’s all a waste of time.

Well I became busier than ever a friend went into hospital and needed my help and support, and others needed something or the other, so even that didn’t work out, guess I’m not allowed to shut myself off, but I will because I am tired of being played and hearing the same old crap that I have heard for over 20 years, change the record, don’t get me wrong I am not afraid of the evil-one or his system and would face them any day of the year, but that will never happen now.

I guess I can finish off with one bit of advice, Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, no disrespect to wolves because they are a lovely animal but I think you get my drift.

Love, Peter XXX

(My letters use to have three x’s and the Americans never knew what they meant)


Posted by Peter Evans on May 4, 2016 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Going through my book again was hard for me to do, there is so much that I had not put in there that I thought I had, but that is because I have wrote so much for so long that I don’t know what I have wrote where and when.

 I have also had persons who have seemed to me like Jobs comforters, and I have been accused of being bitter which I don’t think in general I am, it is the fact that I get annoyed, and speak with passion, but this is when I get on my soapbox, I must admit that maybe I do get a little bitter at times about what has been done. As a man I do get the feelings of getting even I would love to face the evil-one in the arena but I know that he is a coward with influence and so that will never happen, he has so many who will do it for him.

 I can relate to the movie Gladiator, the Emperor stabbed the gladiator in the back and then he faces him in the arena; this is what the evil-one is like.I remember what the prisoner said to me many years ago, “There doing you wrong Peter”, and they still are.

I have stood by the real truth and I have never backed down in over 20 years and I never will, I know that I am known in many countries but my hands are tied, I am stabbed in the back, and I know that people believe what they see and hear, this leaves them open to deception, but they know the game is real, and are free to make their choice.

What makes it hard and frustrating for me is knowing what is being done and having to watch it take place, but I have tried to bring things to the attention of others, and I know that I have done things in the wrong way out of desperation, my claims were true and have been proven true, but then it is just more ammo to use against me.

I am who I am, and I am not Jewish as far as I know, although I may have some heritage that I am unaware of, all I know is my mother was totally Irish and my dad was totally Welsh.

I was in a pub one day a few months ago, and I was wearing my Cross with the Star of David on, and while I was outside having a smoke I started talking to a woman, and she made the comment that the Jews are behind everything that is wrong in the world, she thinks they are in every political decision? What the heck I thought, how can people think like that?

I never associated my time in the Penn as Anti-Semitism related but the resent news reports have made me wonder. I am not racist, the Jews have the right of everyone else to live in peace, is peace so hard?

I have wondered why Anti-Semitism exists in the way that it does, I wonder if it’s out of fear, I don’t know, but I do know the God has never forsaken the Jews; He has simply extended things to include the world. It was intended for Jesus to suffer as he did, otherwise there would be no new covenant. I am not politician, and so I have now idea of the politics, I am unacceptable to the world

I know that I am too valuable to the game for them to ever let me go, I know that I won’t be free until I am dead, I am disappointed but it’s just the way it is.

Love Peter XXX