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Posted by Peter Evans on June 10, 2016 at 2:55 AM

I decided to use my blogs to expand or explain in easier terms things written in my book, in my last blog I try to use logic and common sense to explain how satellite can realistically be used in order to continue the things I have described in my book, in this blog I want to examine hindsight by looking back in more detail.

My book is still not as I would like it to be but I hope it will serve the purpose of getting the message across.

I will start with what I first called my arrest, which when I look back was not an arrest because I was put in the back of a police car while the officer went to talk with another officer and the person I had been with, he then returned to the car and drove off to Government Centre where I was taken straight to the 12th floor and put in the cells (tank) with the other prisoners, I had not been told that I was under arrest and I was never cautioned.

No police interview was undertaken because I am sure that I would have been in a room with them, however I was only spoken to through glass via a handset, the only time I was in a room with a person was for the polygraph which never took place, I never told my side of the story to anyone until I wrote it in my book, even the guy who was to do the polygraph didn’t give me chance, as soon as I started to talk he said that’s it you confessed, and left the room, I had hardly said anything, so there cannot possibly be any police interview reports, not even my defence attorneys asked me what had happened, also I was never told the details of the complaint against me only what the charge was, but I also never went through any charge process but then I didn’t know how things worked in the Texas Justice System, maybe that’s how they do things?

I never asked questions because there was so much other stuff happening that I didn’t understand that I never even thought about it, you will understand if you have read my book.

When they closed the 12th floor of Government Centre and moved us all to Lew Sterrett Jail I had realised that I was not getting any defence and so I applied to go to Law Library to check things out and to see about defending myself they had to grant me permission but made it impossible for me.

Officers have prisoners to do things for them and someone is instructing the officers, but why?

Why did they not want me to get any defence? They would cover things up so it looked as if I was, and they have continued to cover up what they have been doing.

When I went to court the public defender offered me 5 years and the aggravated taken off, which I refused, then my nephew got a private attorney for me, and he offered me 9 years with the aggravated taken off, the private attorney got me 4 years more? I still had no idea what the details of the claim against me was, this does not sound right to me.

Now onto my time in prison I was never asked what I was in there for and I never said, however when I think about the comments made by the evil-one, and as I said in my book I call him this for identification purpose, and it fits him well, things were said such as “we can’t let the people see him as good” “I’m not having you helping anyone” and so on, nothing was said that I was any danger to the people, or that I was a menace to society. It was all about getting my knowledge and destroying me, which he with the help of his army of players and use of satellite has done in the flesh, but he has not even scratched the surface of my spirit.

It is so easy to incriminate me because of my abilities or gifts that my good intentions are defamed and made to look bad, I am use to it now, but I always thought that God would do something to block them but he has allowed it to continue and so I must live with it, although I am stronger in spirit my flesh and my life has been destroyed.

I look at Immigration and the obvious delays, taking my passport photo but not filling out the forms, and then sending the forms with no money, and so on, this leads me to think that the nine years and three months of incarceration was illegal.

Also the fact that the plea agreement was reneged on, the fact that I never made parole, and therefore served the full nine years of aggravated time in a maximum security prison shows this.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing; I can see how I was played long before I ever went to prison, and how I was kept a drunk for their purpose. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous in Texas because I am an alcoholic, and I knew that I could not sober up alone which made me easy prey for the evil-one, I could challenge the players because I know who they are and what they did, but there is no point, the destruction has already been done, and the evil-one has taken the knowledge for himself.

There is still a lot of prejudice in Texas, when the officer said to me “you Brits aren’t worth shit over here”, and then the female officer who pointed to my Star of David and said “that means no parole” nothing to do with my case, just pure hatefulness.

A prisoner in Allred Penitentiary told me that he had shot and killed two people and because he was a money man his attorney paid the judge $100,000 to give him a light sentence, he got less than me and was going home on parole with no remorse for what he had done, any wonder why I have no trust in the justice system?

I have wondered how the system has kept what they have done secret form the people and then I think of the prisoner in 7 building who shouted out “what’s he doing in here he should be out helping people” obviously he did not know that I was still in there, so that tells me that people are kept in the dark, so does this mean that my witness’s as I call them do not know that things have continued, the evil-one is then sitting on a time bomb when they find out they have been deceived, and I’m sure they will, then maybe I’m wrong and they agree with the suppression torture and persecution, however it looks to me like my main crime is having gifts and knowledge that America wanted control of, as they do with everything else.

Guess that’s all for now.

Love, Peter XXX

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