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Posted by Peter Evans on September 2, 2016 at 6:35 AM

I have said on my Facebook that my blog Killing Time was my last blog, I also said, “But who knows”?

This blog has come through conversation; I have shared my true experiences in the hope that they will in some way help others.

Public intoxication in the state of Texas is something I have experienced on more than one occasion you don’t have to do anything wrong except to have had a drink.

I was at a house party once and had a disagreement with my wife and so decided to walk home, on my way I stopped at a garage to buy some cigarettes I walked outside and got arrested, this means a night in the drunk tank and a fine in the morning.

Another time I had gone into an off licence to buy a pack of beer for later, I placed it in my van and walked to a bar for a beer, later the police came in and made me do a sobriety test in the bar and then arrested me for public intoxication when the bar had many who also would of failed the test, and so off to the drunk tank again.

I am not a loud person in fact as anyone who knows me would say I was much the opposite, I am not destructive or disorderly, and I certainly don’t cause trouble, so I had in no way done anything to bring attention to myself and was not even that drunk.

The worse one was Addison police where I was arrested and made to stand in front of the desk officer who kept telling me to stand still and I would say that I was, well I thought I was, his tone was very aggressive and he said it you don’t stand still I will throw you in there, (he pointed to a cell with a chair that they tie you to, I tried standing still best I could, and then he said that’s it he came around and put me in the cell, but I was not tied to the chair.

This is when I did play up I introduced Addison police to Irish songs including rebel songs, I was brought up Irish and so its normal for me to know rebel songs, and just to make things clear on those songs they are about the freedom fighters when southern Ireland was suppressed and my granddad who was only a newspaper reporter was murdered by the black and tans, the songs are not about modern times.

Different police officers came and told me to shut the ………….up but I ignored them. They provoke a reaction and then they have you, but what can you do?

I was involved in a motor accident with a motorcycle police officer while living in Phoenix, and I had a great eye witness who was behind the officer in a line of traffic, and told the court that the officer suddenly shot off from a red light without any siren or lights, I was making a left turn and had no way of avoiding him, and yet I still lost the case and I got fined for failing to yield.

No-one can tell me about the authorities or there system, it makes no difference how many witnesses you or I may have if they want you they will get you, maybe I should just say me because I am speaking from my experiences. Sometime later I did write a letter of apology to Addison police because I was out of order regardless of how they treated me; I know that I am better than that. The authorities just don’t like me for some reason and yet I did a lot of good for people.


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