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Posted by Peter Evans on August 11, 2016 at 5:25 AM

I have said that now I intend to just live until I die, or as someone else put it I’m killing time, which is right, and it is not that I have given up only that I no-longer have any ambitions or goals in my life, some people want to know about me and all they hear are negatives portrayed by the system which is all one-sided because nothing as ever been said to me, and therefore I have never had any right to any defence.

I have always worked hard and long, when I was young I would be down the market setting up a stall at 6am before going to school and return after school to help on the stall and pack it up at closing time, when the fair was in town I worked the fair, and I am not one to boast of myself and my achievements, to help people to me is a normal thing to-do.

When I take on a job I do it to the best of my abilities, and I often succeed, and achieve my goals, and in my life I have many achievements, and plenty to be proud of.

So why am I now just killing time is quite simple, as I have said I no-longer have any goals or motivation, there is nothing else to achieve, this is strange for me but I have adapted to my new life for what it is worth, I have excepted the reality of the continuation of things, it is a shame because things could have been so different.

I love to dance, when I was knee high my mother sent me too Irish dancing, and my dad was a bus driver and so I would go to the transport Christmas party for kids and I was called onto the stage to do the twist, in Arizona I took part in the half time entertainment between the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears, it was the Achy Beaky Heart line dance, and Billy Ray Cyrus performed, and it was followed with by a concert after the game, I love dancing and have danced for as long as I can remember.

I am a wild-one in the eyes of many but I do party but with intentions of having a good time, and sometimes it ends in a date, and sometimes I go home alone, but because I am not out looking for a woman it is no disappointment, I dance and have fun, now you know a little about me in brief.

I will always be the bad one no-matter what, but I don’t care because I know that God is not fooled, only the people are, I am content and at peace and continue just killing time, one day at a time.

Thank you to those who tried to stand in support of me.


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