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Posted by Peter Evans on June 11, 2016 at 5:05 PM

When I first went to America in 1991/2 I settled in Arizona my main job was that of a debt collector for a well-known Jewry company, and there was such as judges and attorneys on my list, but I quit to do my own work, I never knew the first thing about air-conditioning, my first encounter was in Phoenix Arizona, and that was with a swamp-cooler, I also totally re-piped a three bedroom house, taking out the galvanised and installing copper, I also turned a closet in an on-suit bathroom.

When I moved to Texas I started working on industrial/commercial ductwork, then I got a job as assistance maintenance at a luxury apartment complex which involved repairing built in microwaves, washer and dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ice makers, cookers, and maintaining swimming pool for which I received my certificate, also maintaining/repairing sprinkler system, boiler room, security gate and lighting, air-conditioners and heating, and this was on top of regular maintenance such as one may expect from every day things such as pipe leaks, dripping faucets, as one would expect, and then there were doing make ready’s. (Redoing vacant apartments) which were things such as floor tile, wall papering, sheetrock repair, painting, and any other repairs needed.

There were two of us, the lead man and me, I was on 24hr call out and was equipped with a pager, this is where I did learnt about air-conditioning and I went for my certification and became a technician type two, this meant I was certified for air conditioning, freezers and ice makers, I eventually made it to lead maintenance.

The management took on another complex around the corner, this one was run down and a rehab programme was undertaken, a complete remodelling was started, this was a property which was taken by gang members and incorporated crack house’s, we could not go in after dark without armed security. This is where I got my first apartment in Texas I requested an apartment which at first the company was reluctant to allow for fear of my safety but they agreed in the end.

I did work both properties and was often if not mostly on 24hr call out for both, I did get robbed by certain gang member but I never went to the police, instead I went to the gang, and in response the leader with some others came to visit me and we had a discussion in my living room, things got sorted and the crack houses were closed down and the rehab was a success, it became a nice safe complex for people to live, the company I worked for knew I had been robbed because my pager had also been taken.

While living at the complex I had also installed the first mist system in Dallas in my own time, I still have the headline of the Dallas newspaper which says “Dallas Spraying Cool” it was installed at the Filling Station restaurant at Upper Greenville, another company tried to take credit in lower Greenville, but then that’s the name of the game. I had installed the Arizona Mist System while living in Arizona and I wondered if it would work in Dallas, this was a gamble because mist systems are not good in humidity and Dallas is more humid, so I had a discussion with the manager who set up a meeting with the owner who agreed to be the test for my idea, I went to home depot in Mesquite and they had never heard of mist systems, this was totally new to Texas, they agreed to order from Arizona for me, and ended up carrying it themselves, my neighbour who was an electrician helped me with the frame work, we used conduit to make the frame, and it worked out a success and Dallas is indeed spraying cool.

I was offered a job as a/c tech for a management company who had taken a 700 apartment complex which was run down and undergoing rehab

I excepted the job and decided to live at the complex, I was now married to a lovely Belgian woman, it was a hard summer, very hot and the a/c’s were going down with major problems, we also had some commercial properties and a club house, but we made it through and at the end I was given an award for an outstanding achievement, the offered the job of maintenance supervisor, this was a good step up but also the time when things went on the decline, guess I wasn’t meant to do well, it’s all downhill now.

I tell you this so you know that when I speak about the things done in the Penn and Immigration regarding showers and air conditioning I know what I am talking about.

Love, Peter XXX

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