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Posted by Peter Evans on May 30, 2016 at 8:40 AM

In 2007 I was trying to explain what was being done via satellite, I did realise that to those who didn’t know it was possible I would sound totally off my rocker, and that those who did know would not acknowledge it.

It made logical sense to me that with it being proven that thoughts are spirit, an active force, then they could be sent in the same way sound and vision are sent to your satellite box, or to your car radio, the signal is not visible but you know that it is there because you can see or hear the result, all you need is the receiver, it was the same with me, the results could be seen and proven.

Humankind have not progressed in spiritual things despite the thousands of years since they were first witnessed, in fact the world has gone digressed, and have become more ignorant of spiritual truth.

Just like trying to explain to cavemen about space or even the world is round, it’s impossible and they laugh, you must be mental man.

I have been proven to be advanced, I have the ability to receive just like your TV/radio, feel free to laugh if you want too just remember that I told you so.

When I arrived back in the UK November 2006 I had been out the country for 16 years and yet the people who went to the dance at Canley club continued the game that had been going on in the USA, so how did they know anything about me?

The Americans will never acknowledge me, I know that now, despite all my willingness to prove my claims and gifts were true I was never taken up on my offer, and now I know why.

I mean no disrespect to the American people; I had a great time in Arizona which is where I lived for the first two years before moving to Texas, when I refer to the Americans it the corrupt evil-ones in the system and the rich supporters of their game that I am referring to.

I have continued to go out and about dancing, shooting pool and getting drunk, not a good example for anyone but that’s how the system want me, every time I try to do good it is twisted around so that I am made to be the bad one, or the inciters show up and poison the mind of the very person that I try to help, similar to Apostil Paul when the very people who loved him ended up stoning him simply because a few people incited them against him, I can relate so much to that.

I was dropped in the deep end of something that I knew nothing about, it was sink or swim, learn as I go, I never realised how big things were, or what I had been caught up in, but I have made it through, I have done the best that I can and so I can do no more, I have not been put to shame because it is there shame, I can stand tall and look the world right in the eye.

I have had some good times since being home; I have been in a good 4 year relationship while in Coventry, and I seem to hit it off with the younger generation, I was talking with some students in a pub in Coventry when one of the girls said to me why can’t you be prime minister? I laughed and said because I’m not good enough, I went for a weekend in Swansea and had a brilliant night dancing with the students at their invitation, I am saying this so you don’t think it all doom and gloom but things have never changed in reality, the same things that were being done in my book has continued to this day. I will never be free until I am dead, I did feel so at home in Swansea and it’s where my dad was born, I have always loved Wales.

I have always wanted to go to Ireland but never made it, I would like to see where my mother was born, and I guess I never will.

Some months ago I was saying to everyone that I was retired, and I was asked retired from what? I said from everything, I was intending to shut myself away from everyone with my music and my beer, and just let the world get on with it. I said to one person what’s the point, I don’t want to be here and I don’t know why God brought me back, the game still goes on, nothing has changed, it’s all a waste of time.

Well I became busier than ever a friend went into hospital and needed my help and support, and others needed something or the other, so even that didn’t work out, guess I’m not allowed to shut myself off, but I will because I am tired of being played and hearing the same old crap that I have heard for over 20 years, change the record, don’t get me wrong I am not afraid of the evil-one or his system and would face them any day of the year, but that will never happen now.

I guess I can finish off with one bit of advice, Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, no disrespect to wolves because they are a lovely animal but I think you get my drift.

Love, Peter XXX

(My letters use to have three x’s and the Americans never knew what they meant)

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