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Posted by Peter Evans on May 4, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Going through my book again was hard for me to do, there is so much that I had not put in there that I thought I had, but that is because I have wrote so much for so long that I don’t know what I have wrote where and when.

 I have also had persons who have seemed to me like Jobs comforters, and I have been accused of being bitter which I don’t think in general I am, it is the fact that I get annoyed, and speak with passion, but this is when I get on my soapbox, I must admit that maybe I do get a little bitter at times about what has been done. As a man I do get the feelings of getting even I would love to face the evil-one in the arena but I know that he is a coward with influence and so that will never happen, he has so many who will do it for him.

 I can relate to the movie Gladiator, the Emperor stabbed the gladiator in the back and then he faces him in the arena; this is what the evil-one is like.I remember what the prisoner said to me many years ago, “There doing you wrong Peter”, and they still are.

I have stood by the real truth and I have never backed down in over 20 years and I never will, I know that I am known in many countries but my hands are tied, I am stabbed in the back, and I know that people believe what they see and hear, this leaves them open to deception, but they know the game is real, and are free to make their choice.

What makes it hard and frustrating for me is knowing what is being done and having to watch it take place, but I have tried to bring things to the attention of others, and I know that I have done things in the wrong way out of desperation, my claims were true and have been proven true, but then it is just more ammo to use against me.

I am who I am, and I am not Jewish as far as I know, although I may have some heritage that I am unaware of, all I know is my mother was totally Irish and my dad was totally Welsh.

I was in a pub one day a few months ago, and I was wearing my Cross with the Star of David on, and while I was outside having a smoke I started talking to a woman, and she made the comment that the Jews are behind everything that is wrong in the world, she thinks they are in every political decision? What the heck I thought, how can people think like that?

I never associated my time in the Penn as Anti-Semitism related but the resent news reports have made me wonder. I am not racist, the Jews have the right of everyone else to live in peace, is peace so hard?

I have wondered why Anti-Semitism exists in the way that it does, I wonder if it’s out of fear, I don’t know, but I do know the God has never forsaken the Jews; He has simply extended things to include the world. It was intended for Jesus to suffer as he did, otherwise there would be no new covenant. I am not politician, and so I have now idea of the politics, I am unacceptable to the world

I know that I am too valuable to the game for them to ever let me go, I know that I won’t be free until I am dead, I am disappointed but it’s just the way it is.

Love Peter XXX

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